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"Supervision is an ongoing process…continuing throughout the professional life of a coach. The purpose of supervision … is to ensure that the best interest of the coachee and the client are protected and to provide educative and restorative support to the coach".


Supervision is a process whereby a coach meets regularly with a more experienced professional coach in order to reflect on and review his/her coaching by a means of a confidential examination of his/her client work. Typically, the process involves a review of session notes and/or presentation of specific issues, which are preoccupying the coach, with regard to a particular case or across a range of cases. The aim is to help the coach concerned to develop a richer understanding of what is taking place between him/herself and his/her clients as a means of further developing coaching competence. The supervisor will seek to identify areas for the development of the coach's practice, as a pattern emerges across the range of cases being carried by the coach, and may also assist the supervisee in planning his/her own continued professional development on the basis of this.


Supervision sessions are normally one and a half hours. The frequency of meeting is arrived at by an agreement between the supervisor and the coach in light of the coach's client load, the complexity of that case load and the particular challenges being faced. Where a coach is relatively inexperienced, we recommend a ratio of one supervision session to every six to eight coaching sessions.

Although coaching normally takes place on an individual basis, we are happy to undertake group coaching with up to three coaches in the group. In this way, the group of coaches can benefit from sharing experience between themselves as well as sharing the cost of supervision, itself.

The Coaching Partnership Supervisor

Mike Milan acts as the tCP supervisor. Before founding The Coaching Partnership with Lucy West, Mike was the Director of Professional Development at GHN (now Penna Executive Coaching). In this role, he was responsible for the design of the internal supervision system in addition to supervising several GHN coaches. He now maintains a supervision practice of professional coaches at tCP.

The Coaching Partnership can provide supervision to independent external coaches, to other coaching organisations and to organisations developing internal coaching capacity.



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